Hiring the right contractor can make the difference between a great job and a horrible
experience. The company you hire should be insured, trained, conscientious, and responsive to your needs. Unfortunately in this day and age of overnight printing and do-it-yourself websites, its very easy for a person to portray themselves as experienced and qualified. Sadly, its amazing how much damage a well meaning, but untrained, individual can do with a Home Depot pressure washer. Our PRO Contractors are trained on the latest techniques and equipment and have access to a vast support network of other qualified cleaners. PRO contractors are verified as being insured and registered as a business (if applicable) in their area. We stress ongoing training to our members so hiring a PRO contractor gives you assurance that you have selected the very best in the business. Find your cleaner!
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Exterior Cleaning

The elements of the world are constantly attacking your home and property. Mildew, algae, molds, and the decomposers of nature seek to break down your exterior coatings. A property cleaning can reverse the aging that Mother Nature causes, effectively “resetting the clock” on exterior wear and tear. Whether your exterior surface is aluminum, vinyl , stone, brick, stucco, wood or other materials, your PRO professional understands what it needs to be rejuvenated. Many of our PRO contractors utilize eco-friendly products so potential damage to your landscaping and property is minimized. Find an insured exterior home cleaning specialist in your area.

Roof Cleaning

Ever notice dark steaks on your roof, or do your live in an area where ferns, lichen, and fungi grow on your shingles or roof tiles? PRO cleaners understand the proper techniques to clean these surfaces. There are very specific ways to clean asphalt shingles as outlined by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), and our PRO members follow those guidelines. Improper roof cleaning can actually cause irreparable damage and take years off the life span of your roof. Our PRO members understand how to properly clean to restore your roof’s finish, reflective qualities, and original color without causing damage. Find an insured roof cleaning specialist in your area!

Window Cleaning

Most of PRO specialists are well versed in window cleaning, from traditional mop and squeegee work to advance techniques . Improper cleaning can leave scratches, cause fogging , or even breakage. Modern technology using pure RO/DI water, water-fed poles, and new attachments has made window cleaning safer, more efficient, and more affordable than ever before! New products can remove mineral deposits, calcium build-up and 

Wood Staining and Restoration

Fence and deck cleaning and staining can be extremely technical. Wood can be damaged from the use of high pressure plus using the wrong chemicals on wood can severely attack and degrade the fibers & structure of your fence or deck. A qualified contractor will know how to eradicate mildew and biological stains and remove old finishes without resorting to high pressure then follow that cleaning with quality sealing & staining products. Find an insured wood restoration specialist in your area.

Paver Sealing and Sanding

Hardscapes such as stone pavers, travertine tile, and other luxury stones have very specific methods for cleaning. Clean with the wrong product and irreversible damage can occur. Postpone maintenance and suddenly a quick fix can become a nightmare, seal stone improperly and a once beautiful hardscape is now cloudy and in need of a chemical stripping! A qualified PRO cleaner can tell you the best way to care for your stone and pavers! Find an insured paver specialist in your area.
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